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Here you can find the most recent news happening at Icarus.

TI-83 Plus Application
Clement and Andreas have been working on a TI-83 Plus Flash application for Texas Instruments. Math by Hand familiarizes students with the "standard" mathematical algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is available for free.

added on 02/17/2002

Port of Balloon available
Andreas Finne has finished the port of IP's Balloon to the TI-86, it is now available at ticalc.org. Enjoy!

added on 06/02/2001

Ports of Picross/Balloon
Andreas Finne is currently working on ports of IP's games Picross and Balloon for the TI-86. The port of Picross is already finished and can be downloaded at ticalc.org, Balloon should be done soon.

added on 05/23/2001

Pics from the ECTS
It's been pretty silent @ Icarus, as we've been busy with university, etc. We might investigate in the new GameBoy Advance in the near future, though. For the time being, a few shots from our meeting at the ECTS last year:

added on 04/29/2001

Stooges on IGN
The GBC conversion of the Amiga classic "The Three Stooges" we've been working on for Cinemaware, Inc. has been previewed on IGN, including quite a few screenshots and videos!

added on 10/20/2000

GBC game
Jimmy and Johannes, together with Andreas and Clem, have been working on a game for Cinemaware, Inc. for the past few months. The game is basically a conversion of the Amiga classic "The Three Stooges", with some added elements.
The game features state of the art graphics on the Game Boy Color with almost the whole game using HiColour graphics and detailed sprites, as well as digitized samples, crazy music and a lot more!
For further details, see the Cinemaware press release.

added on 09/15/2000

Four of us will be present at the ECTS: Andreas, Jimmy, Johannes and Matthew. This is going to be the very first meeting of us in real life, and combined with a show such as the ECTS, it should make up for quite an experience. We will mainly investigate other people's works in the pocket sector, but will take a demo of a game done by us with ourselves.

added on 08/27/2000

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