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Just in case you're interested: these are all the news starting from the early beginning of this page...

Merry christmas and happy holidays to you all from the Icarus Productions crew!

Added question to Usgard FAQ and uploaded GCP to the PC section. Seems that I forgot to post that a long time ago.

Updated 5 programs in the ports section.

Added another question to the Z80 FAQ.

We've been getting awfully slow with updates during the last time. Still, we hope to present you with some new material in the near future...
Updated Z80 FAQ.

It's been a while now since the last update. We've been very busy lately, plus, there were problems with the server. We're very sorry about that.
Added Source section, uploaded 3D rotation code for TI-86.

Updated the Z80 and the Usgard FAQ a bit. Articles section

Plainjump 83 update available in the ports section. Updated About us section.

Released Plainjump 83 version 1.1 to the ports section. Also added Picross 83.

Uploaded Squarez-ports for the TI-82 and TI-83 to the ports section.

Added the SVI-318/328 Emulator by Jimmy Mardell to the PC section.

Uploaded XCEDIT v1.6 written by Stuntworks

Sam Heald is visitor no. 5000! Keep 'em going!

Added two new questions to the Usgard FAQ, fixed some dead links.

Released SpanIt! for the PC, a program which spans big files over multiple disks.

Final Plainjump update posted to the Ports section.

Another update to Plainjump ports, this time for TI-82 and TI-83 in the Ports section.

Updated Plainjump port for the TI-83, fixed some bugs in the Ports section.

Added Plainjump ports for the TI-82 and the TI-83 to the Ports section.

You feel for some nostalgy? Now what about playing some old CHIP8 or SCHIP8 games on your TI-85 calculator? Get uChip8 v0.1!

Added TI-83 games to the Ports section.

Generated Ports section, where ports to other platforms, which were not done by us, will be uploaded.
Updated Picross v1.1 to Z80 section, and the TI-82 port to the Port section. The new version contains 100 levels!

Matthew Shepcar joins Icarus Productions. He has developed a few great games for the TI-8x calculators, including the just finished Vertigo 85!

Page didn't work due to directory re-structure by Ganymed. Fixed that. Unfortunately, no news this week: Andreas was on holiday, Sam still is, and Jimmy had lots of things to do.

Johannes and Andreas redesigned the entire page. This time, it looks much better at a resolution of 800x600. They also removed the JavaScript stuff and the button images to reduce loading time. Tell us what you think of the new design!
Furthermore, Andreas wrote a CGI script which generates all pages automatically now.
Uploaded Picross 85/82 bugfix.

Uploaded bugfix of Picross 82 to the Z80 section.

Updated Picross 85.
New levels, bugfixes, level selection. Also uploaded the version for the TI-82 converted by Sam Heald.

Released a little puzzler for the TI-85, Picross.
Tired of playing always the same levels in XC-1701 II? Time to get XCEDIT by Stuntworks!

Unfortunately, another delay in our schedule, as Andreas was away for two weeks and Jimmy had lots of things to do.
Check out the next HTML tutorial, covering tables.

Want to make your own homepage? No idea of HTML yet? Well, let the HTML tutorial help you!

Added ReplaceIt! v2.2b to the PC section. Note that this is a beta version.
Some other, minor updates.
Added past news section.

Updated Sqrxz 1.0 in the Z80 section. This is the final version of Sqrxz for the TI-86. New features are level compression, practice mode plus more. A few bugs have been fixed downleft bug, ASAP bug).

Updated XC-1701 II in the Z80 section. New version features more enemies, better bosses and some other gimmicks.

New projects section for Nintendo Gameboy (TM) programs added.
Check out our jump'n'run Sqrxz for the Gameboy!!

Added XC-1701 II to the Z80 section!
Two new questions can be found in the Z80 FAQ.
Andreas Ess' new e-mail: ess.andreas@cable.vol.at.

Created a 68k section, and uploaded three Fargo games. Uploaded PlainJump 86 to the Z80 section.

Uploaded better CoolShell+ with DEL support to our Z80 section.
Some general updates (Jimmy has a new page, Usgard FAQ, etc.)

Unfortunately, there was a delay in our schedule, because Andreas was away for one week.
Added Strategy Box to the PC section

We decided on uploading new stuff to this website every week.
This week, you can find a comprehensive update to our Z80 FAQ. Check it out!
Furthermore, fixed tables to look correctly when using Netscape.

Added Sqrxz, ZTetris & BoulderDash to the Z80 section, which now has a TI-86 section as well.

Jimmy Mårdell, a fantastic programmer who ranked 10th in an international algorithm programming contest, joined us!!

Added CustCust to the Z80 section
New e-mail for support: support.icarus@ganymed.org.

Fixed some bugs, added OpenGL article

Modified buttons, uploaded Doublebreak to PC section.

Added Z80 articles, modified some general stuff. Doublebreak and ReplaceIt! will be uploaded soon.

Initial upload. Lots of things left to be done yet.
Buttons have to be redrawn by Johannes, articles & files have to be added.

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