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Welcome, no.

Welcome to renovated pages of Icarus Productions. Here you will find all our projects, from state-of-the-art Z80 programming (for the GameBoy ColorTM and TI-8x calculators) to programs for the PC and m68k platforms. We also have some very useful articles for those starting out on their programming adventures. Catch up on all the latest developments here at Icarus Productions with our news service.

TI-83 Plus Application
 added on 02/17/2002

Port of Balloon available
 added on 06/02/2001

Ports of Picross/Balloon
 added on 05/23/2001

Pics from the ECTS
 added on 04/29/2001

Stooges on IGN
 added on 10/20/2000

GBC game
 added on 09/15/2000

Using a special technique, IP has managed to dramatically increase the onscreen colors of the GameBoy Color. What started as a demo displaying some still pictures has now emerged as a full-fledged library with exciting features such as FMV playback. See the following pages for detailed information:
HiColour library
HiColour FAQ

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