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These sourcecodes may provide you with some help when coding. If you use them in your programs, or want to release a modified version of them, please contact us first!

Description Platform
Wrath of Zalthar
I started with this RPG quite some time ago. Maybe you want to add some stuff (enemies, story)? Give it a go! Features grayscale graphics.
Planejump II
Planejump II still lacks some features, like link play or Usgard support. Get the source code and see what you can do!
3D rotating Torus
This code shows how to do realtime 3D rotation on a TI-86!
The source code of the popular WinShell and WinLib for Usgard. Never got it quite working. Maybe you want to give it a go?
M.C.Mik episode #1
M.C.Mik was the first game that ressembled a jump'n'run for the TI-85. This is the source code for the Usgard version. As it's one of my earlier programming attempts, it's not that optimized at all.

Currently, the only other program available is for the GameBoy Color.

Description Notes
Willy Wonderworm GBC (0.95)
In this small game, a port of the TI-86's Peaworm, you have to guide a worm through a room, and help him to eat various food in order for him to get longer. The game features 5 levels, color graphics, hi score table and music/sound fx.
Catridge: MBC5, 32 KByte ROM + 8 KByte extra RAM
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