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This section is dedicated to those who want to learn programming the Z80. These page's focus is on the TI-85, but it also contains some tips for general Z80 programming.

Tutorials for Z80-beginners

  • You might consider either reading a book like Rodnay Zak's PROGRAMMING THE Z80 or visiting Jimmy Mårdell's ZShell/Usgard school which will leads you in small steps to TI-85 assembly programming using ZShell.
  • TICALC.ORG not only contains lots of programs and useful source code snippets, it also has an Usgard programming tutorial. Usgard is the best shell available for the TI-85.
  • There are also some compilers for higher level languages floating around in the net. You may want give Small C or USUL a try. They are quite simple to learn and yet provide full assembly support.
  • In addition to this, you might want to join the assembly-85 list. This is a good place to discuss TI-85 programming related topics. To join, go to TICALC.ORG.
  • If you have severe problems with a program, and you need some help, contact us
Tips, tricks, FAQs & more

Speeding up your programs

  • Use Usgard's built-in functions, which are fully optimized.
  • This is a short list covering general Z80 optimization techniques

Making your program smaller

  • Use as many relocations and rom calls as possible
  • Don't use ZShell, but Usgard!
  • Check out this short list (same as above)


Check this out!

  • You need TASM to compile programs! (I suggest downloading the complete Usgard package)
  • You don't have a TI-8x calc? Get the TI-8x emulator!
  • Andi's homepage contains his games, Usgard infos and some more TI stuff!
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